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Woodapple Farms started as a 40 acre farm homestead in Floral City, Florida.  In 2002 we got our first pair of Nubian dairy goats and soon found ourselves with extra goat’s milk.  About the same time, we began to educate ourselves about the chemicals found in so many everyday hygiene products and their potentially harmful effects.  We decided to use our goat’s milk to make healthy, natural soaps.  Goat’s milk is high in proteins, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins A & D. It also has alpha hydroxyl acids which help remove old skin cells.  All of these things add an amazing quality to the soap which really has to be experienced to be fully understood.  In November 2007, we decided to share these wonderful soaps with others and went to our first open market with four kinds of hand-made goat’s milk soaps for sale. Since that humble beginning, we have expanded our line of natural products to include lip and skin balms, lotions, essential oil perfumes and soy candles.  Although these other products do not contain goat’s milk, they are made with exceptional natural ingredients. In addition, we now offer many soap varieties scented with essential oils as well as unscented bars.


  • Soap is locally hand-made using cold process method – oils, liquid and alkali combined to form soap and glycerin
  • Glycerin, which seals moisture in the skin stays in the bar in its natural state – most commercial bars extract the glycerin for use in lotions, conditioners and other products
  • Quality natural ingredients – no artificial colors, fragrances or harmful chemicals
  • Honest and clear labeling – no code terms like “sodium palmate” or “saponified oils”
  • The milk used in our soaps comes from the naturally raised goats on our farm and is never diluted with water


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  1. Hi
    Is your farm open to the public. We LOVE goats and am looking for a place to spend about an hour with them. I would love to see your products too for Mothers day. We are locals who live in Largo. It would be my husband and I and 2 children, the youngest is 5.5 years old.

    1. Hi, thanks for contacting us. We are not currently set up for farm visits. We are investigating the possibility of hosting periodic farm days for visitors. We will be sure to keep you posted!

  2. Hi Crystal,

    My name is sylvia. I believe I met you some years ago at a festival in Pasco County. I’m actually thinking that in addition to other items, I purchased goats milk laundry powder from you-which I loved . Does that sound correct? Anyhow, I remember “Floral City..” and tried finding you on the I-net. In short, I have purchased an old farm here in Pasco and would love to learn about goat’s milk soap making etc. I actually think I even talked to you about that long ago. (Finally bought a farm 🙂 lol) Nevertheless, I see that you do not offer farm tours; but, honestly, I would be more interested in LEARNING rather than enjoying the farm. Do you, or would you, offer a class/es? This could be a day or several days (even better!) Let me know—and, let me know if you still make the laundry soap, too 🙂

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Congratulations and welcome to farming! It is a life full of hard work, but oh so satisfying! I have never sold powdered laundry soap so you may be thinking of someone else :). There are a couple of soap makers here in Floral City. I would love to do classes at some point but do not currently have the time to make it happen. I will be sure to post an announcement if I am ever able to make it a reality.

  3. Do you sell your products at you farm ? We live in Spring Hill
    If they are available can you send me your address

    1. Hi Ron,

      Thank you so much for contacting me. Although I do not have a retail space here at the farm, I am happy to arrange a pick up appointment or a meet up in Brooksville to get an order. You would need to choose “local pick up” with your order and then I will contact you to arrange details.

      Thx again!

  4. Crystal,

    I attended the Floral City Strawberry Festival earlier this year and purchased your Macademia, Shea & Coconut Lotion-Spearmint Eucalyptus and cannot get enough of it! I love any kind of peppermint and spearmint products. It is so soft and wonderful and would like to order another one. I live in Inverness and was wondering if you head this way at times and we could possibly meet up. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Dee,

      Thank you for the great feedback! The spearmint and eucalyptus essential oil blend is one of my favorites. I do head into Inverness about once a week and would be happy to meet you with an order. You can order online and choose local pick up as your shipping option. I will then contact you to set up a day/time to meet. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Patricia, You can find some Woodapplefarms products at Brooksville Natural Foods and Mountaineer Coffee in downtown Brooksville. You can also order online and choose local pick up and I will make arrangements to meet you in Brooksville. Thanks for asking!

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