Month: May 2018

Bye Bye Spring; Hello Summer

Greetings from Woodapple Farms.  Here in Central Florida, spring gives way to summer in the blink of an eye. Time to shut the windows and turn on the air conditioner. Planting in the gardens is finished and now we tend to weeds, manage pests & disease, and hope for a harvest. We are die-hard gardeners […]

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Farm Updates – All the Buzz

Greetings again to all our friends including our amazing customers, many who have bought Woodapple Farms Goat milk soaps and other products since 2008.  Before we share on a new topic, a few updates are in order.  The pignut hickory and paw paws did finally break-bud and leaf-out, so in the world of late-to-the-dance trees, […]

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