Summer Scents – Using Timeless Lavender

Summer Scents – Using Timeless  Lavender

Summer Scents – Using Timeless Lavender

As the high temperatures reach the 90’s here in Central Florida, and in other parts of the country as well, my thoughts turn to essential oil blends that suit the sunshine and warm air. While I don’t use commercial perfumes, I am a big fan of essential oil sticks, roll-ons, and sprays.  And, recently, I have started wearing essential oil bracelets.  These bracelets contain beads made of lava rock, which absorb the essential oils and diffuse the scent throughout the day.   My scent preferences change according to season and I tend to replace the heavier scents like vanilla and patchouli with citruses, lemongrass and light floral scents as warm wether returns.

Lavender is a classic scent that bends beautifully with so many other essential oils.  One of my favorite summer blends is lemon and lavender.  Adding a bit of lemon to the lavender creates a bright scent with just a hint of floral which is perfect for summer.

Lavender essential oil also contains many therapeutic properties. If I could only own one essential oil, it would be lavender.  Here are just a few of my favorite ways to use lavender.

Headache relief

Mix lavender in a carrier oil and massage onto temples and back of neck.

Stress relief and sleep aid

Rub a few drops of lavender into your cupped hands and inhale, or use in a diffuser at bedtime.  Or, fill a cloth bag with lavender flowers and place under pillow for a great night’s sleep.  You can use a few drops of essential oil to refresh the scent as needed.  I also love to use lavender on my essential oil bracelet when traveling to promote a sense of calm.

Skin and hair health

Make a great skin and hair tonic with lavender and witch hazel.

Antibacterial, anti fungal and wound care

I love to use lavender on minor burns, scrapes and scratches.  I have also used on insect bites to stop the itch.

There are several different varieties of lavender that produce essential oils with subtle variations in fragrance.  My personal favorites are spike lavender and lavender 40/42.  We use lavender in many of our Woodapple Farms products both on its own and blended with other essential oils.  Have fun experimenting with blending lavender with other essential oils to create your own unique fragrances.




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